Prakash Upreti is an IT professional; he’s been using WordPress since 2005 and built his career in this platform. He is also a tech enthusiast, a blogger and a tech entrepreneur. He is the founder of Sriyog.com and he’s been running Pracas Infosys since the year 2007.

Prakash Upreti, born on 9th December at Biratnagar an IT graduate (2005) from Hyderabad India. Has been engaged with web technology since 2003 as his passion grew when he was in Hyderabad. He has been running an Information Technology venture named Pracas Infosys since 2007. 

After completing studies, he came back to Nepal and has been running an IT consulting in Biratnagar, which is almost at the verge of witnessing 12 successful years of establishment, amidst of all the hardships this sector has. He is dedicated WordPress user since 2005, an old blogger on WordPress.com platform till 2009 and #RePressing since December 2018.