Career Shaping for IT Students

Information Technology has great demand and students looking for the best IT Career is increasing day by day. Adaptation of Information Technology in banking, business, services, social media, digital marketing etc is rapidly speeding. IT seems to be a major subject choice as there are multiple opportunities in Information Technology Sector. The comparison of technology with 2000 and 2020 has vast difference, not only the difference of 20 years but people became device & tech friendly. We have faster communication service, no buffering YouTube, downloading movie can only take few minutes to hours, no need to wait a day or more.

Hotmail was only 2 MB of space before 20 years, only few emails were free, now we have access to millions of website freely. Life became easier with communication and network and combining these two things; it’s all about connectivity. We can download movies, order food, share videos, send pictures, download data, send huge files, cloud space, blockchain based system, live streaming and recent impact of COVID-19 forced us to join online class as Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Blackboard etc.

As Information Technology has wide scope and here few of the topics has been narrated so students starting their career after Vocational IT Training can have bright future.

Money can’t buy happiness and happiness can’t buy a Ferrari. – { Prakash Upreti }

Success has no shortcut. A man needs decades to become a famous painter, a man needs enough skills to become AranikoPasang Lhamu Sherpa didn’t climb the Mount Everest in her first day of her life or in a single day and more there are lots of hidden dedication, pain, plan and vision to become Anuradha Koirala. These are the examples of few precious people who are rare species. Read More

Web Development: 

Learning UI/UX, designing website layout on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Figma, knowledge of coding, HTML with CSS can make a basic website designer but it is good to keep in mind that good website has nearly 100 components like responsive layout, SEO, Analytics, page load speed, hosting location, server uptime etc.

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Mobile Apps Developer : 

Mobile Phone Apps: Facebook has over 60% of users in mobile phone. Most of the all e-commerce are also based in Mobile Apps. Some small companies offer their mobile phone apps as simple mobile friendly website in Android and other makes dedicated app.

Types of App

Web Based App: An e-commerce website turned into app only for Android Phone where the app can be placed in Google Play Store and viewers can have mobile view as app but not so friendly and can’t be used as offline purpose.


Hybrid apps are a blend, hence the name hybrid, of both native and web solutions. Where the core of the application is written using web technologies. In this article we dive deep into hybrid app technology.


When people speak of a native mobile application, they are usually referring to an application that has been written using the native development language and tools specific to that platform. For example: A native iOS application would be written in either Swift or Objective-C and compiled using Xcode, while a native Android application would have been developed using Kotlin or Java and compiled using Android Studio.

Freelancing : 

There are many websites which provides opportunities to work and earn sitting in any corner of the world. Person with any good quality can work and earn from websites like , , and like them there are hundreds of websites which can help to sharpen skills, earn online and thousand of people are working full time on such platforms which not only helps to earn money but to showcase talent. Jobs category can be freelancer designer, content writer, Web Designer, Programmers, QA, etc. 

Digital Marketing: 

Most of the business are digitally enabled, only few hire dedicated social media manager and rest outsource works, it has good scope for full time as well as part time jobs or contract based jobs. Making a small team can be helpful to get projects and earn. These kinds of business can be started with small investment. Managing Facebook pages, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn etc makes a good income. 

Content Writer : 

Knowledge of Nepali & English content writing can make good impact on earning. It is also said that “Content is King”. Managing content, blog writing, SEO optimized blogging can turn passion into money making sector.

Website Analysis :

Website analysis is the practice of testing and analyzing a website’s performance in relation to SEO, speed, competition, and traffic. Any site can benefit from some form of website analysis if the results are then used to improve it—for example, by reducing page size to increase overall speed or optimizing a landing page with lots of traffic for more conversions. Almost every guide to website analysis will tell that it can be evaluated a site’s performance by doing any or all of these actions:

  • Run an SEO audit
  • Test website speed
  • Check CDN
  • Check broken links
  • Perform competitor analysis
  • Analyze website traffic

They aren’t wrong, and we cover the same practices lower down the page. But we think website speed, SEO, and competitor and traffic analysis only ever tell part of the story behind your website’s performance.

Social Media planner

Marketers might already use Excel for different types of reports and data analysis in their roles, but it’s a highly useful tool for social media content calendar organization, too. Excel can be customized according to whatever priorities or metrics a team is focused on, so it’s a great tool for planning ahead.

Animator : 

Character animation, 2D/3D Animation also has good scope. Access of high speed internet connection and cheap data rates are the reason which advertisers, business, companies are making their advertisement in video format which can make people fully understand about the topic. Tools like Filmora, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects etc.

The post is created for a keynote speech for Adarsh IT, Biratnagar. 28 December 2020 

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