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Technology has played a great role in 21stcentury. From the black DOS command to the difficult Linux code and during 1980 Bill Gates has announced that 640 KB RAM (Random Access Memory) will be enough. The prediction about more than 640 KB of RAM has bypassed with 8 GB of RAM which is easily available in market and it’s expandable to 16/32 GB. Gaming system and server needs more RAM. These things can be customized at the time of buying system or server. Also Hard Disk Drive can be changed to Solid State Drive and the capacity of RAM can be added on the time of customizing or later on future.

Technology has been changing almost everything related to technology. The updates of versions, new software, and timely update of mobile phone operating system and the wide ranges of adaptable hardware are in reasonable cost these days and also the capacity of buying has been increased in big mass. Technology & computers has created good impact in community, business and services.

Computer does not only mean desktop or laptop, it means smart mobile phone, the system, the computerized machines, automated machines which processes data in faster & fastest way. RAM, processors, storage disk and few other major components manages data processing faster or slower.

The flow of information technology has been changed by Covid-19 Pandemic & lockdown. It became hard for people to access everything physically. Connectivity has taught many of us to use technology in better way. People are beyond the regular Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and many other social media. They have also adapted many things more than social media. It has shown that there is one more world than regular social media.

The users of Google Hangout (Now Google Meet), Microsoft Team (Skype), Zoom is increasing day by day due to lockdown where people are using in family, official works, online meetings etc.

Work from Home:

Since March 2020, Work from Home has been in top priority in Nepal. As work from home was not a new term. Even in Nepal few organizations like Ncell, Standard Chartered Bank was implementing “Work from Home” on their workforce. Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress (An Open Source CMS) had expressed his views through a video on 5thFebruary 2019 which video is viewed 1.8 Million plus views which was about how work from home is being developed and how it will create good impact in remote working on TED Talk.

If work from home will be customized and managed in these growing ways then it will also help to build better productivity in Nepalese Workforce. When work from home will create impact then Study from home will also make its presence.

Study from Home:When an office going person, an employee can work from any corner then college, schools and academic institutions can also upgrade their system and implement these things for their students, teachers and parents.  Online classes, assignments, attendance, video call, conference call with students, teachers and parents can be done in easy way which can be difficult practice in early stage but in long term value it will help to manage everything online.

Online classes, Online Learning are not the new term in Nepal, when Lockdown was started; The British College of Kathmandu started its online classes for students which bridged the gap between students and teachers in few clicks.  More colleges and educational intuitions are following online classes and starting teaching online.

Online Class and Online Learning Management has no more difference but online class means teaching online and online learning management means teaching & managing classes like physical classes.

How to Start Online Classes?

Online Classes can be started with Google Classroom, Moodle, Microsoft Teams, Blackboard (Brand name of Learning Management System) and similar kinds of online learning management system which helps to manage class, course etc. Online classes can be easily started with video conferencing which needs a good internet connection. Learning Management System can monitor interaction between teacher, students, parents and even any team or department.

Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas have made good impact in USA & Europe where Microsoft has Microsoft Teams and there are many LMS providers in cyber sphere. Even company behind Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator named Adobe has its own products named as Adobe Captivate.

Learning Management System:

Learning Management System can be an Open Source, free edition, freemium or even license based system which needed to pay on monthly basis or yearly basis. Open Source Learning Management System can be hosted in own local server or remote server.

These learning management system manages to create assignments, notifications about the tasks, grading of students, interaction between students and teachers, creating exams, checking plagiarism of assignments, finding copied source. Learning Management System has many facilities like archiving courses & classes, reporting parents, assigning parents to see the activities of students, question answers, checking assignments etc. It can be easily accessed from Mobile Phone Application, Tablets and any Browsers. These all are features which can be taken or implemented earlier or can also added later as required.

Learning Management System helps to manage classes, exams, certificates easily. This Learning Management System can have multiple user roles which can easily show the performance of classes, flow of classes. These all reports and features can be assigned by super admin where a super admin can assign roles according to the administrative roles of teacher, parents, guardians, class teacher etc.

It also easily manages contents between teacher and students. Monitoring students, creating discussions, creating video conferences between students, parents and teacher are the major features of Learning Management System.

Learning Management System hosted in cloud acts as SaaS (Software as a Service). SaaS (Software as a Service) are actually cloud hosted service. SaaS are mostly hosted in CDN (Content Delivery Network) which delivers from the nearest server location to the users.

Open Source Learning Management System can be hosted in local premises or in nearest server location which serves in faster way rather than hosted in different country or as compared to low performance server.  These systems can be hosted on customized system as selection of Ram, Storage, Uptime. VPS (Virtual Private Server) can be used to install these LMS. Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams etc are based on SaaS which comes on freemium (Multiple plans with some free plans and other paid) models and they are hosted by the provider company which only needs browser to access.

Google Classroom:

Google released its Google Classroom preview on 6thMay 2014 based on G Suite on Google Education Platform which was open to all Google users on 2017 and on the same year it gave access to all users to create classes and start Google Classes. Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Gmail were combined to create paperless education system and educational institutions. All the classes of Google Classroom are stored automatically in Google Drive.

Microsoft Classroom:

Microsoft Classroom is a part of Microsoft Teams which has functions like creating and checking assignments, editing courses, viewing workflow of assignments, creating reminders, creating calendar etc. There must be valid Office 365 subscription to use Microsoft Classroom.


Moodle is Open Source Learning Management System which can be modified and customized on demand. It needs some tech knowledge to operate Moodle. Moodle can be hosted in own premises as it’s fully open source LMS. With little technical knowledge Moodle can be hosted in locally. Accessing the LMS can be very fast if these are hosted in local server with the minimum or maximum server requirements. It can be hosted in custom server with load calculation, the number of students, users, parents, teachers and admin. Moodle even has versions of Windows installer which helps users to install in clicks.

There are similar tools or software like Moodle, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom which are versioned as Open Source, Freemium and licensed based as their feature. Edmodo LMS, Teacher, Dashboard 365, Talent LMS, Classlife, Brightspcae, Schoology, Learn Dash, Seesaw LMS, LearnUpon, Plantoost, Teachable are few example of Learning Management System which has similar and few different functionalities which can be customized and started classes online and managed in proper way.

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