PITCH Deck Magic : How to create the best pitch deck?

Creating pitch deck is the most essential part of startup growth. Few number of slides helps to build multinational brands from hundreds to billion dollar startup and business has crafted their pitch deck which has helped to scale their business. Either you are pitching your angel investor or pitching with Accel, Sequoia Capital, Khosla Ventures,…

Free vs Paid cPanel Alternative

Every website needs to host in 24×7 web server to show in remote browser. To host every website either it should be managed from command line/ terminal or to use GUI based control panel so any newbie can easily use. It is mixture of files, 24X7 servers, high bandwidth, uptime, web servers, backup system, DNS…

Business Model Canvas

The man behind Business Model Canvas was initially proposed by Alexander Osterwalder based on his business model ontology. Which has nine business modelling blocks. A business wants to be more great business, Jeff Bezos wants to earn more and more. A student wants to become a businessman. Business model canvas is used by well-established business…

The Great Hack : How Social Media impacts politics?

All about Cambridge Analytica, How the social media has impacted politics and the influence of Big Data.

The Great Hack : How Social Media influences politics? Modern methodologies and technologies are there to make, manipulate and train the brain in the way where people are treated as a device, an electronic instrument which anyone can decide what they are forced to make.

Why a business needs business email address?

When you have business, you must have business looking emails rather than free emails, it not the matter of money but having your own email can easily do passive marketing, people can see the domain name and also you can have thousand of emails based on your domain and doesn’t makes easy for customers but also it will be more easy to make communication inside organisation.