लकडाउनमा पढाइः अनलाइन क्लास कसरी लिने ?

एक्कासौ शताब्दीमा सुचना प्रबिधिले ठुलै फड्को मारेको छ । कालो डसको कमाण्ड लाइनदेखि लिनक्सका अफ्ठेरो कोड अनि ६४ एमबिको र्याम अनि बिल गेट्सले नै १९८० ताका ६४० केबि र्याम नै पर्याप्त हुन्छ भनेका पनि थिए। कुनै बेला र्याम एउटा निश्चित एकाइमा पुगेपछि थप्नु पर्दैन भन्ने कुरा जुन आज आएर ८ जीबीसम्म बजारमा पाउन थाल्यो । आवश्यकताअनुसार १६ जिबी…

Why a business needs business email address?

When you have business, you must have business looking emails rather than free emails, it not the matter of money but having your own email can easily do passive marketing, people can see the domain name and also you can have thousand of emails based on your domain and doesn’t makes easy for customers but also it will be more easy to make communication inside organisation.

Corporate & Business Email

Welcome to your new email you@yourbusiness.com.np Branded email creates a brand.  There was a time when email was something very important matter. Hotmail was started as first webmail service. Its hard to believe that sometime Hotmail was offering 2 MB ( Yes, It’s Megabyte) of space in email. When you have business, you must have…

The Hell about Flickr

Days were fine when we had no digital camera, no DSLRs, no digital content. These days most of the people usually keep photos in Facebook, Instagram and similar social networking website. There was a time when Picasaweb use to offer photo sharing facility. Soon after PicasaWeb moved to Goolgle, I din’t felt keeping photos there….

Hello world!

Found it in my old email : My real name is prakash upreti, but in cybersphere I’m well known in the name of pracas upreti , though the pronunciation same but the spelling is differ. Google knows me as “pracas upreti”.  I kept “C” inside my name on the year of 2001.  I’m WordPress Blogger,…