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Branded email creates a brand.  There was a time when email was something very important matter. Hotmail was started as first webmail service. Its hard to believe that sometime Hotmail was offering 2 MB ( Yes, It’s Megabyte) of space in email.

When you have business, you must have business email.

Later on Gmail offered lots of spaces in email so million of user moved & made emails in Gmail and more. Now coming to this age of DOT-COM, we had lots of alternative and also as time moved we are in the age of cloud computing. We don’t need great hardware, expensive software and an 24X7 IT Guy. We have option of Cloud. Cloud offers flexibility, cost effective solution, redundancy etcs.

Major benefits of having business email like

  • It shows trust about your company
  • Highly secured
  • Own management
  • Your employee wont take your data
  • Professional looks
  • Easy to arrange emails as department like sales@, support@ purchase@
  • Name Recognition & Branding
  • Keep It For Life
  • Google Apps based email

Email Settings :

Coming to the related scenario, here we make  you have your login details but confused how to operate the email which is supplied to you!!!

Your Email Login URL : or or as mentioned in welcome email.

Mobile Apps Links :
Download Android Apps :    |  Download iOS Apps :
(If you don’t want to install mobile apps then you can also setup in your default email app with SMTP & IMAP details provided below.

Microsoft Outlook & Other Email Client SMTP & IMAP Details :
Use the following IMAP , POP3 and SMTP config for custom email client:

IMAP ( for incoming mails )

Port: 993 with SSL enabled

SMTP ( for outgoing mails)

Port: 465 with SSL enabled


Port: 995 with SSL enabled

Setup Email in Microsoft Outlook : 

Setup email in Mozilla Thunderbird 

Note : Mozilla Thunderbird detects the SMTP & IMAP details automatically
Download Mozilla Thunderbird

Now we hope you are able to setup & login to your brand new email address. Now its mandatory to change your email password at first login.

Go to ( Shortcut URL ).

Import email from other email to your new email address.

Manage Profiles :

Phone Verification :

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