The Hell about Flickr

Days were fine when we had no digital camera, no DSLRs, no digital content. These days most of the people usually keep photos in Facebook, Instagram and similar social networking website. There was a time when Picasaweb use to offer photo sharing facility.

Soon after PicasaWeb moved to Goolgle, I din’t felt keeping photos there. I had joined Flickr on 2005, nearly 14 years before. It has good options to upload, manage and keep photos safely and in very secure way. Happiness lasted till SmugMug acquired Flickr and started announcing that they are going to limit the number of photos (not in size).

Flickr still is a good platform to host photos which can be downloaded in as mush as in original size anytime. Now the pain, after 5th Feb 2019, free accounts will be compressed to 1000 image limit & they are going to make most of all the users to buy pro account.

Download your Flickr Photos 

It took me quite long time to go through selecting 500 photos, zipping them and downloading them. I tried few third-party tools but that was totally waste of time. As account settings has lots of options, I felt like giving a try once.

Follow this link :

Go to Personal Information> “Request my Flickr Data”

The “Flickr data requested” will turn into grey color:

After few minutes it shows that the Flickr Data is ready to download and there we can find two categories. The first one for Downloading account data and another for downloading Photos and Videos.


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