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Found it in my old email :

My real name is prakash upreti, but in cybersphere I’m well known in the name of pracas upreti , though the pronunciation same but the spelling is differ. Google knows me as “pracas upreti”.  I kept “C” inside my name on the year of 2001. 

I’m WordPress Blogger, blogging about Information Technology blogger from Nepal. I’m an information technology graduate from Hyderabad India on 2005 batch.Having sound knowledge in web programming, software testing, graphics and many more. It was my biggest dream to be a geek, till I’m on the process to be a geek. Still I remember those precious minutes, when we were given change to use computer in Purwanchal Engineering Campus Dharan, on 1999 AD, there was computer subject and the practical was once a week. I shocked when some of my friends use to keep their name in screensavers. That was a very strange thing for me. later on I left studying in Purwanchal Engineering Campus Dharan after 3rd semester and I went to India for my further education from where I completed graduation on 2005 mid year Information Technology. During those days I have highly struggled and kept patience for learning web, graphics , oracle, software testing tools, dot net and many more. 

I believe “Beyond life, There is Dot Com” and I say “Life is not like computers , so many things are difficult” . I’m web surfer from 2000 & a passionate about computer and cybersphere. I hardly pass a single day without computers & internet. Once when I was surfing site,  I saw one site of Italian guy , when I scrolled down the page I found “Powered by wordpress” , that was very strange thing to me , and even I had blog on www.blogger.combut I was unable to manage the blog. Making web site was not a new thing for me coz I was involved in making personal homepages since 2001 when I was in Hyderabad India . 

It was my first site on www.freeservers.com named www.pracas.8m.com. Now the site contains nothing. After on I register my own top level domain www.pracas.com on the year of 2003  and I used it for two years as a  personal homepage but now it’s locked. I registered my own country level domain dot np and now the site is working well. I made  www.pracas.wordpress.com , I dont know the exact date but that was in between 2005 to 2006 , I was unable to maintain and manage the wordpress blog, so I left it, after that I got chance to see many blogs of wordpress and blogger.com I started my new wordpress blog www.prax.wordpress.com from july , I started writing post about computer science and Information Technology. I have forwarded my domainwww.pracas.com.np to www.prax.wordpress.com . I’m blogging on prax.wordpress.com , since july 2006 and I have more then 45,851 and plus hits in my blog till this date. The daily visit sometimes reaches upto 600 and above. I ‘m really happy to know and proudly to say that this is the most visited blog from Nepal in Information Technology field. I’m even in 7/8 position on google , yahoo or msn in some post. Blogging means not to write only about information technology , u can write in any field. Wikipedia defines : A blog is a user-generated website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order. 

Comments in my blog makes me feel glad but I’m really upset with some people who spams in my blog. I’m not doing anything wrong or wrote anything destructive , in spite the things going good , I have gathered some nepalese ip address, It’s my request  to those spammers and I want to say that please never try to spoil others blog , but try to create ur own blog , there is nothing hidden in cyberspace, ip is traceable and bloggers can know who is spamming and where he is from, like kathmandu , and which connection he has and many more. 

Now a days I have quite more time to update and post in my blog, I hope I will gather more visitor day by day. I will soon update wordpress tutorials in my blog and write more post about information technology and web development. Please feel free to get information about creating , editing, publishing your WordPress blog. Lastly , I want to say to my all co-bloggers “Let’s create a mark in Nepalese blogging history” 

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!
14 January 2019. 

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