Why a business needs business email address?

When you have business, you must have business looking emails rather than free emails, it not the matter of money but having your own email can easily do passive marketing, people can see the domain name and also you can have thousand of emails based on your domain and doesn’t makes easy for customers but also it will be more easy to make communication inside organisation.

Comparing email for example with rajbooks_banglore@gmail.com and banglore@rajbooks.in gives a best answer itself.

Narration :

An owner hires an employee named Sagar at Raj Books in Bangalore as a marketing manager, now Sagar makes a email as sagar_rajbooksbng@gmail.com, after 2 years Sagar leaves Raj Books then it will be difficult for Sagar to give the login details to Raj Books owner coz he use has personal emails too.

Reasons to use corporate emails : 

  • Professional looks 
  • Easy to remember 
  • Managed email system inside organisation 
  • Can be used according to designation 
  • Task Management 
  • Own domain based email system

These things are panicking lots of organisation. Make a company in such condition that no company can claim it even legally so its better option of having organisational email.

When Sagar joins Raj Books, Sagar can be welcomed as sagar@rajbooks.in and when he leaves the email , those emails can be transferred to any other email and so when someone sends email to sagar@rajbooks.in , the email will be fetched by info@rajbooks.com

and there are many more features of owning personal or custom domain email, some comes with small subscription fee and some comes with big fees.

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