The Mushrooming Startups

When IT was on boom, none had even thought that the technology will make a millions of Smart Phones, Social media, Video Streaming without buffering, and like a totally free of cost (not added 3/4G , data, wi-fi) calling from various apps like Viber, WhatsApp, We Chat, Skype and other grounded apps.

Sometimes even a small pin can redirect or change the direction of a huge Ship. 
 When a second pin moves 360 degree in a watch, then it makes a minute and that minutes makes an hour and converts everything to weeks, months, years, decades & centuries. So the startup makes a move.

The generation has changed, there was a time where thousands of Asian Tech companies were busy on fishing dollars thru outsourcing. Now time has changed its directions. Many people who had left billion dollar companies and started a new venture with few dollars. Indian startup market is the live example where hundreds of startups are growing day by day. startup nepal

Sachin Bansal left Amazon and co-founded flipkart with Binny Bansal which is one of the most well known startups in Indian Market, It may be new thing to people that Ratan Tata has invested in technology where few are Ola Cabs ( UBER like service in India) , Xiaomi, Car Dekho etcs. Jack Ma, the owner of Alibaba has invested in One97 the company which owns PAYTM.

The major player in the investment in startups is Softbank, The CEO Masayoshi Son has various investments and Son says that whenever he invests , he looks at the eyes of the entrepreneur, he looks the field either its challenging , is the market itself growing. Son has invested in Snapdeal, InMobi, and OYO Rooms in India, which clearly shows that the startups has future. The new business or a venture which is started or fusion in a new way is a startup. Every new business or a venture need a right time and right customer to exist. Most of the new business dies within 2 years. Its also said that every business needs at least 1000 days to establish, once it crosses 1000 days , its known by 1000 people, out of the 1000, 40% may be your regular customers.

Exactly, the term “Startups” needs 1000 days so it will fly and grab the market. The new idea , the brains and the core research helps to enhance the startups. The business without experience or newly established venture is startups. As the demand grows bigger, it needs expansion and when it really needs the expansion hundreds of investors will eye on it so in the first phase it may not be a cake walk but afterwards it becomes a easiest way to survive “The Startup”. 

VSS Mani had started Just Dial many years ago but had caught the market just few years back. The company is on IPO on current days and net worth is 900 Crores Indian Rupee which offers thousands of details in different sectors and has multinational markets. Money is scattered in a road, it needs a proper way to pick it up, Co-founder of Pom-Pom Deepak Sethi is busy on handling the waste. High class “Kabadiwala” who is turning waste to money. The services has already managed to recycle 1,00,000 kgs of waste till now and currently offering its services in South Delhi and Noida. Every startups must have a vision to make a change in society rather than adding zeros in income, it would effect. Reading Xiaomi idea on approaching customers online was like eating a stone if it was ventured in 2002 or 2005, they studied the market and now its the third-largest smartphone maker behind Apple & Samsung. The strategy of making the phone smarter and cheaper is , they never sell it from stores but sells directly from online likes FlipKart, SnapDeal, Amazon etc in India.

Source : SalesForce

All the above details shows how startups are booming in Indian market, the startups may be in various colors, types, locations and the ways but the ultimate result is success, a startup started in New York may be different from a startup started in Delhi, coz it needs the proper chemistry between demand and necessity. If Americans has Grubhub, OrderLunch , Seamless , Foodler, EAT24 then we too have foodmandu which delivers the fresh foods in our doorsteps in Kathmandu, have been seeing from years of it service in Kathmandu but it needs expansions. If a women delivers (sells) “Selroti” in Bhat Bhateni then its a startup or someone starts selling “Dhido” in Road Side Highways is too. When someone had started selling bottled water ( not all bottled water are mineral water ) it was a startup, whenever someone sees a person carrying a bottled water in backpack , s/he was guessed as a tourist or a foreigner. The time has changed, now even a small tea shops pushes a sealed water bottle when even a normal water is asked by a customer.

The new model of business , ideas, ventures or a service which may or may not need technology , connectivity, Hardware , software , electronics devices , mobile apps but to promote the service, the startup everyone needs social presence , a website to show your vision to the whole world and a way to communicate and share your idea.

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